When Atlas Shirked

When Atlas Shirked is a novel about a dystopian Christian America that forges a Synergism of community and shared responsibility to forge peaceful, sustainable solutions to the destructive cycles of political, religious & class warfare.

As a young Christian woman, Liz Franklin comes of age during a critical turning point for the Incorporated States of America. The country's resources, laws and even government have been sold to private bidders to fund generations of constant war. Despite fundamentalism having achieved political dominance, cynical power brokers are manipulating Christian Zealots into attacking what little Freedom of Thought remains. Behind it all, a secretive project is underway to not just control the hearts and minds of all Americans, but to train them to control themselves.

As surprised as she is to discover the deceptions that surround her, Liz is more surprised to find herself taking an active role in uncovering the truths behind the lies. Through finding hidden strengths in her friends and forging allies among her enemies, she helps lead the way toward building a better world.

About the Book

Elizabeth Franklin is a young woman, a Zealous Christian, and most importantly, a fervently patriotic Member of the Incorporated States of America, a country ruled by the corporations to whom it is indebted. Raised as the youngest daughter in a strictly traditional family, her key goals are to successfully graduate from the Christian Schooling Network and begin a family of her own.

Before her senior year, however, she is confronted with a tragic loss that calls into question not only her inflexibility of Faith, but the weapons she has used to fight for it. Rather than shirk from this difficult challenge she rises to it, making it into an opportunity to use Love to transform her community for the better. Little does she realize that this quest is merely the first step in teaching her how to help her fellow Americans use Love to transform their own communities, and in doing so, bring about the Rebirth of their Nation.

About the Author

Nynia Chance was born the middle child to an average American Christian family in an average American town, graduating from an average American high school to drop out of an average American college and make her way through an average American career. Throughout this all, her experiences have taught her just how uniquely special the average person is, in raw potential to make an above-average difference.

To Nynia, a person's strength isn't so much in what they can accomplish on their own, but how well they can join their efforts with others to overcome the previously insurmountable. That's why she decided to share this book: to show an example of how just one person can make a difference. All it takes is the courage to stand up with a community out to build a better world, one person at a time.

Nynia Chance is currently seeking representation for publication of When Atlas Shirked.